A rose is just another flower until someone sees it’s beauty…

This blog is about body image, which is my biggest issue… something that has caused just too much pain in my life, and it being all about “image”, which is “imaginary” I have to recognize that the pain comes from within, and I am the only one who can truly do anything about it.

It’s tempting to blame the media… our parents… our genetic composition, but we can’t change those things. What we CAN change is our perceptions, which can take a bit of doing, but I have found that drawing works absolute wonders, and that is what I wish to share with you here. Whether you have body image issues yourself, or know of someone who suffers from them, I invite you to join this space where self-judgement can be transformed into self-acceptance. You can just follow along and read, or take up a pencil and try it yourself.

Welcome to a new way of seeing yourself!


For questions, comments, and participation please write to:  mybodyisloved@yahoo.ca








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