Tools you need

This is not a website about becoming an artist or a narcissist or producing some fabulous artwork to wow your friends. Instead it’s a place to discover a simple way of changing your self-perception, especially if it’s negative. The encouragement to draw your own self portraits is an invitation to learn see yourself in a different light, from a different angle, to get to know yourself better and like what you see, exactly the way you are now.


1) YOU! and a dose of humility or detached observation or curiosity. Any form of judgement is OUT – not cool.

2) A mirror and a pencil, paper, paints, magic markers… whatever turns you on visually or is fun to play with.

2) A digital camera with a timer or a friend to be the photographer. A  computer and printer can come in handy too.

3) A little light box can be very helpful but a lightbulb behind plexiglass or an empty (glass) frame will work too.  (see Drawing Yourself – Printing and Tracing for pics – coming soon)

Reminder:  This is a process. It’s not about results.

The magic happens invisibly, in the doing, along the way.






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