Self portraits

The drawings you see on the site intro and my blog are my own self-portraits, drawn from photographs, printed out in black-and-white on 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper. As explained under “Drawing Yourself”‘ I then traced the basic silhouette using a light-box and because I love details, then probably spent 6-8 hours looking back and forth from the print to my drawing as I played with the shading. Because I did this fairly regularly over a long period of time, the drawings got clearer and better, just from patient repetition, and not because I was born with an extraordinary talent for drawing. I guess I just liked it enough (and needed the therapeutic aspect of it desperately enough!) to keep coming back to it.


Do I like the results? I almost always do, not because they’re necessarily beautiful images of me, but because they are gentle and compassionate, and speak volumes to me about my path towards self-acceptance. This photo-tracing-drawing process developed itself over a period of many years, starting with taking pictures of myself using the timer on my digital camera. And that happened simply because I wasn’t comfortable having anyone else look so closely! My lone photo-shoots were and are still always very spontaneous thing… I don’t really “pose”, I just move according to how I feel, which is sometimes quite stiff and restrained. It was and still is a process of letting myself be vulnerable with MYSELF so that I don’t feel so vulnerable towards what others may or may not think of me.


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